Memorable events (with some grammatical errors):

  • New Year’s Day: Marked it a special day and a special year by writing it so and went off to Sunken City with mi good friend, Alex.
  • Did something for myself on my birthday and went on a roadtrip to see token Trump friend with Ashley.
  • Stole Ash’s attention again by moving a few states away. <3
  • Grateful that Leah, upon find out that I was moving alone last-minute, insisted on coming along, keeping me alive and helping me make adult choices. She also drove like 80% of the way and back.
  • Caught a Rio from the wild (with Leah’s help hehe).
  • Grateful that Yells actually made an effort by confronting my ass. Real talk. (I’m sorry, y’all, I’m a shitty, lazy friend.)
  • Primo came back finally and I wasn’t even in CA. LOL
  • Grateful and happy to see Jahneeny mah Meany again.
  • Got hedgehog Darwin <3 with Rio and fell in love with the ol’ grumpster. Learned to love someone who kinda tolerates you the way a teenage son would.
  • Moved away from my mother but went back to help with moving. Grateful to her and enjoying my freedom, woot. After what feels like moving 3x this year, I’m done and settled.
  • Enjoyed most of my gigs and learned from them. Met the kindest, helpful, and inspiring people. Mary, Robert, Kurt, and Amber. And weird, ahem, Ariana. I’m joking haha (but Imma steal one of your dogs soon).
  • Started taking a lot of photos this year. Started using film cameras again!
  • Talked to Lis and grateful we’re (still) friends. J It means a lot.
  • Got loads and loads of attention from Ashley. More than in the past few years. Combined. Hohoho. Thank you for keeping me alive and sane, especially this year.
  • Saw David after years and years and years of him living the life in Spain. Finally lol and now jelly you guys hang out and eat without me. L It was really good to see you!
  • Met Rio’s cool friends and coworkers. Hey, Willy, Caitlin, Sam, BUDDIES! Jk (let me hide in this corner now).
  • Went on more hikes than ever in my entire life. Heh.
  • Went back to Chicago after a gazillion years. Not the same though without the peeps.
  • Tried biscuits and gravy for the first time. Didn’t understand why I never had.
  • Went to Las Vegas with Ash and Daniel and his wife, won some money, and got very, very drunk. The last time I’ll ever get that drunk, thank you.
  • Slowly learned to cook again.
  • Got a major perm. I am everyone’s halmuni now. Aigoo~.
  • Meet Rio’s incredibly kind, wonderful, talented family & dogs. His family also added me on FB and is the main reason I use it now besides spying on a FB-active Rio.
  • Swam in the ocean for the first time thanks to Rio even though I’ve lived by the beach almost forever.
  • God, I miss the food in CA.

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