Beginning of the Year Thoughts

Of late, I’ve been having negative thoughts. I keep remembering things that old friends and acquaintances have said, of me or of others, that have been judgmental, discouraging, or unintentionally disparaging. It got frustrating to think my actions and goals were shaped by these hurtful words and by fear of not being worthy.

Funny enough, I also realized that the same people may not feel or think the same as they did the first time they said it (while years later, I still regurgitate their words in my head). I know I’ve said plenty of stupid things that I’ve regretted and probably there are just as many people who remember the hurtful things I’ve said (and if they don’t remember, all the better).

So let me start the year by apologizing to anyone who feels like they’ve been belittled or insulted by my ignorance. Because now I know, it isn’t important, what I think or what anyone else thinks. What you do, how you look, what you believe, who you are. None of it changes your worth.


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