The Days

I either feel like I’m working too much that I don’t spend enough time with people or I’m spending too much time with people that I’m not getting things done in a timely manner. This month, it’s been more of the former.

I’ll have only 6 days off this month of which I will spend most of my time trying to reach my monthly quota. But yet, I also want to spend time with Rio and Darwin.

I’m missing those days when we would go have a picnic at the Rio Grande. I miss the zoo, the brewery dates, camping, and hiking. It’s partly because of the winter weather that we haven’t but also because I don’t have more than one day off at a time.

I took this weekend off but yesterday, I tended to my personal goals – jogging, cleaning, sketching out ideas, and reading. I even came into work for an hour when I meant to go to the Curiosities & Oddities Expo in downtown Albuquerque. And today, I’ll need to do laundry, pack for the LA trip, clean Darwin’s cage, read, and finish a few sketches.

They say your habits today will be your habits in ten years and that makes me reflect as to how I want to spend my day if it affects how the rest of my days will go. Maybe first, I need to simplify somehow.


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